The Boring Bit

Dog Grooming Terms & Conditions

Dangerous Dogs

The owner (or other responsible person) agrees to inform Dovetail Dog Grooming prior to grooming if the dog has bitten or has aggressive tendencies. Dovetail Dog Grooming reserves the right to muzzle your dog or ask you to muzzle your own dog or to refuse to groom it if it represents a danger. Unless this has been discussed and agreed beforehand we reserve the right to turn your dog away without grooming it - however the full price for your groom will still be charged because at that point I cannot fill your appointment.

My fingers and hands are very important!

Normal Condition

It is assumed that you will bring your dog into the salon in Normal Condition. That is; that you groom your dog at home (right down to the skin) regularly between appointments, and that it you will present your dog at the salon in an unmatted and dry state. Any condition other than "Normal" will most probably take me longer to deal with and will therefore incur additional charges.

Cancelling your appointment or late arrivals

When you make an appointment with Dovetail Dog Grooming you are obliged to pay for it as I will turn other customers away under the assumption that you are coming. I would appreciate at least 48 hours notice or a fee will be incurred.

If you are more than 15 minutes late and have not made contact with me then I will presume that you are not coming and the price of the groom will be payable before another appointment can be made.

Wee Wee's Please!

Please ensure your dog has had an adequate chance to relieve itself before you come to the salon. We do not have the time or the facilities to do this for you. If your dog defacates or urinates during the grooming process and requires a second bath you will be charged appropriately.


We take photos of each dog before during and after the groom, which we keep on file to assist us in future grooms. We may use some photos in advertising our service and/or post to our social media sites. Most clients enjoy seeing their pet featured. Please let us know beforehand if you do not wish your pet's photos to be made public.

Matted Coats

We have a non de-matting policy, in compliance with Animal Welfare Act (2007) section 5 which states that 'All animals are to be protected from pain, injury, suffering and disease'. Attempting to brush out heavy matting would lead to a great deal of discomfort for a dog.

Instead we will at all times advise clipping to remove the matted and damaged coat. If your pet has become matted, we require your permission to clip before we begin the groom. Where pets are heavily matted, an extra charge of up to £20 to remove the coat will apply, on top of the regular groom price.

Flea Policy

We will check for fleas during the pregroom consultation, and will advise you if your dogs needs to be treated. Any dog found to have fleas will go straight into a flea-bath with special shampoo to remove the fleas.

The salon will also need to be treated to prevent cross contamination therefore we make a charge of £6 per dog to cover the extra costs involved. You will be advised to treat your pet and your home environment to eradicate the problem.


Cash only at present.


Although I would love to be able to, I do not have the space to provide a doggy-daycare service. If you cannot collect your dog at the agreed time I will charge £5.00 per half hour or part thereof for babysitting for you, unless discussed prior to your appointment.


If you are unsure which tools and / or products to use to groom your dog with between appointments please ask, I am happy to help and advise you.



I groom humanely at Dovetail Dog Grooming and will attempt to de-mat a coat if I feel that the animal will not suffer pain. I have specialist equipment in the salon and this will be my first port of call before considering shaving that part of the dogs’ coat, however I will abide by the Animal Welfare Act.


It is the owner's duty of care towards their pet to maintain the coat between professional grooming. If owners fail to attend to their pets’ coat, then in the interests of the animal, I will shave off matted areas to prevent unnecessary suffering. I will be more than happy to show you how to look after your dogs coat.


When a dog is presented to me in a severely matted condition, it is my policy to shave the whole coat using electric clippers with a close blade. To de-matt would cause the animal tremendous stress and discomfort, often leaving a very thinned and damaged coat. Shaving the coat is quicker and kinder to dog. Many dogs are traumatised by unnecessary hours of de-matting, putting them off grooming for life. I consider shaving an act of kindness.


NOTE: DEMATTING CAN BE A LENGTHY & TEDIOUS EXERCISE FOR BOTH THE GROOMER AND THE DOG & ADDITIONAL TIME WILL BE CHARGED.  You will be fully consulted and made aware of any additional charge to be levied. However, discounts are available for rescue dogs and those in foster - please ask for details.


As Treatments may vary slightly with certain dog breeds, prices are subject to an initial consultation. Dogs that need de-matting and/or bite may incur additional fees. See Dematting Policy Statement above.