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Looking after your Doodles, Poodles and everything in between...

With Wales still in lockdown for what now feels like an eternity, we are all wondering when we will be able to get back to some type of new "normal"!

If like me, you are counting your newly discovered grey hairs on a daily basis and wishing you never took your hairdressers for granted.

Well for many I am sure the same can be said for your dogs! Albeit perhaps not the grey hair bit so I thought I would give you all some tips and advice on products to help with coat maintenance at home...

What tools should I use...

It can be an absolute mine field out there when it comes to brushes, combs etc. You really don't need to be spending a fortune for home use tools. I have listed three key things that no Doodle owner should be without...

  1. A decent slicker brush. Do not be tempted to buy a soft brush, a brush with bobbles or stripping type brushes. You will likely cause damage to the coat or in some cases the brush will be as effective as using a spoon!

Pay close attention to those areas prone to knots, namely behind ears, armpits and legs.

I recommend this doodle firm slicker brush from Simpsons.

2. Next up, a comb. Again this does not need to be the most expensive one you can find. It's not a magic wand! This should only be used once you have gone over your dog with your slicker brush and ensured any small tangles have been gently teased out. The comb will ensure the coat is knot free from the root to tips.

3. A coat conditioning spray. I swear by Julie Harris coat management spray and it is my secret weapon in the Salon! Used wet or dry, this spray will help with removing any small tangles and as the name suggests make the coat more manageable between grooms.

It also smells amazing so whats not to love!

Brush, brush and then brush some more...

You really can't brush enough when it comes to your Cockapoos, Cavapoos, Doodles, Schnoodles and Labradoodles! I hope that the above will be of some use and as always, if you are stuck or have any questions I am always on hand.

Happy brushing!


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